Such as upgrades, training, support and general consulting are offered by Clients First Business Solutions.

What we do

SAP Business One .me from Clients First Business Solutions covers all associated applications, from Crystal Reports through XL Reporter. Our consultants have decades of ERP implementation experience helping businesses achieve improved value. It ensures to our clients that our delivery group has all the knowledge they need to ensure your system is being used to the fullest of its capabilities.


SAP B1 Implementation knowledge they need to ensure your system is being used to the fullest of its capabilities.


We offer a range of options, from long term training schedules specific to your business.


Perform analysis to develop the best applications for your needs


Integrate custom applications with SAP Business One


Provides companies with the ability to control and gain valuable insight into the most important parts of their business operations and streamline processes to aid business-critical functions.


Provide complete life cycle support from design to implementation to enhancements

What SAP Business do you cover ?

It can be basic product training and education (i.e. How does MRP work, introduction to cost accounting, or inventory planning) to specific SAP Business One Implementation and use advice. SAP Business One .me requires not just deep product knowledge, but also an ability to truly understand our client’s business process and to be able convert the needs of those processes into efficient use of SAP Business One’s features and functionality. Our Fast Start program is a consulting and implementation methodology designed to allow the client and Clients First to more evenly share implementation responsibilities. When properly adhered to, the cost of consulting can be reduced by 50% or more over traditional full service projects.

Our B1 Project Managers

Our Clients First methodology utilizes dedicated project managers who are also among the top Business One Consultants worldwide. The project manager watches the resources used on your project to ensure that it stays on budget, on time, and with the expected functionality all are looking for. The project managers monitor timelines, anticipate future needs and help reduce risk. Their time is dedicated to making sure your project is run smoothly and efficiently. Most importantly, they are the ‘one throat to choke’ in your project and have dedicated availability. Companies that expect their consultant to also manage projects far often run into serious project troubles compared with Clients First’s dedicated project manager approach. Consulting for SAP Business One is as much Art as it is Science. Converting clients from an outdated solution to a modern ERP system requires carefully navigating the complexities of an organization’s specific business processes and mapping that to the flexible capabilities of a solution like Business One. Sometimes a client has a unique way of doing business that offers a competitive advantage to them. Telling them to change their process to fit the software does not add value. At the same time, many clients have processes in place due to years of older systems and when looked at in a fresh light with the decades of experience our consultants have, often our experience can show you a better way to complete business transactions and in a way that can be handled via out of the box functionality

What it takes to be a Clients First SAP Business One Consultant.

To be an SAP Business One consultant at Clients First, means you have a broad set of skills and experience. Not only do you need to know the software in depth and be able to prove it with certification exams, but you also need to have a solid grasp on accounting, distribution and manufacturing principals and be able to communicate clearly and articulately. Developing a consultant with all of these skills and experience can take many years and not everybody can make the leap. We will not accept anything but the best which is why we have such a referenceable client base. By continuing to improve our consulting and implementation services for SAP Business One, we strive to help more small and mid-size (SME) companies develop quality IT systems and improve overall operations management. This helps our clients ability to compete in the marketplace. Whatever your business requirements are, Clients First Business Solutions can help you in all regards. Hit the chat button below or give us a call to speak with us about your need for SAP Business One .me

About Us

SAP Business is a subsidiary of Tech Maestro , Tech Maestro. is a global information technology platform providing varied consultation and outsourcing services.

Integrating enduring experience, valuable knowledge and wide ranging capabilities, we provide IT solutions for numerous industries.

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